CEU Courses at ProSpec LLC

ProSpec, LLC® offers CEU courses in effective stone and tile installation techniques. There are many concerns involved in installations, and our CEU courses cover almost every aspect of installation. The courses are designed to train participants to ensure more robust installation, in line with the most advanced standards, and with lasting effects. Here’s a look into the courses we offer:

Course Name: Terrazzo Design & Specification

This seminar will provide an overview of:

  • The history of terrazzo
  • Different kinds of terrazzo
  • Appropriate procedures for installation

Participants will get a clear understanding of:

  • Process involved in installation
  • Technical considerations
  • Special detailing
  • Dos and don’ts related to specifications
  • Material and contractor qualifications
  • Terrazzo’s flexibility in design options and its green benefits

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Course Name: Engineered Wood Flooring

This course work focuses on:

  • Engineered wood flooring construction and how it is different from solid wood flooring
  • The uses and advantages of engineered wood flooring
  • Making design professionals more knowledgeable about the construction and manufacturing processes of engineered wood flooring. This will assist them in properly specifying the material for their client projects.
  • Familiarizing the participants with the routine and long-term care and maintenance of engineered wood flooring.

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Course Name: Large Format Porcelain Tile

Calibration specifications that are followed during the manufacture of porcelain tile are explained. The curriculum would also explain the following aspects:

  • How the quality, different sizes and use of porcelain tiles affect the method of installation
  • Why surface preparation is important as the porcelain tile size increases
  • How the mortar type used and grout joint size can affect large-format tile installation performance
  • How the use of expansion joints, thermal movement, curvature and deformability can influence tile installation

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Course Name: General Surface Preparation

This course would cover the following:

  • The various guidelines and industry standards applicable to the preparation of substrate for installing concrete-based toppings and underlayments. These could be part of a system before ensuing installations of ceramic/resilient/VCT or other finished installations, or finished floor installations or toppings.
  • The right process of inspecting a substrate to decide on the required preparation (repairs)
  • Analysis and testing methods of moisture vapour emission
  • Methods of mechanical preparation before installing a topping or underlayment

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Course Name: Grouting for Success

This course covers the different kinds of grouts and how industry standards apply to them. A more comprehensive understanding of the grout types will assist the participants to specify proper performance on their tile projects. Participants are taught the difference between HCT technology, Portland cements and epoxies as well as why these are required for different kinds of stone and ceramic tile installations.

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