Tate Program in imperial size for 24″ x 24″

Tate’s line of laminated porcelain raised floor panels offer the ultimate combination of aesthetics and flexibility. With a variety of aesthetics and colors to choose from, these tiles can enhance the architectural form and space of a building. The porcelain panels come in two primary designs: One-Piece and Multi-Piece, and the factory laminated porcelain access floor panels come with an edge banding that produces clean even lines that appear more like grouted tiles.

One-Piece Design

The one-piece layout design is a common grid with a single factory laminated porcelain tile. This design can utilize any aesthetic or be combined in conjunction with other aesthetics to produce a unique tiled appearance.

Multi-Piece Design

The multi-piece design contains multiple pieces of porcelain of any aesthetic and color combination on a single panel. Each piece of porcelain has been individually edge banded to create a unique look that helps blend the access floor grid to look as a custom tiled surface.

  • All Colors
  • Cement
  • Eco Concrete

  • Metropolis

  • Terrazzo
  • Terrazzo

  • Metal
  • Fusion
  • Granito
  • Granito Evo

  • Stone
  • Amazzonia

  • Chalon

  • Pietre Di Paragone

  • Pietra Bauge

  • Pietre di Sardegna

  • Stile
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