ProSpec, LLC® represents well respected manufacturers of interior and exterior finishes and installation system solutions including: Porcelain tile, Quartz & Acrylic counter-tops, Engineered wood flooring , Thin set epoxy terrazzo, Precast Terrazzo, Exterior cladding systems, Installation materials and Engineering.

Large Format Tile – Porcelain Stone Program

Marmoker Amb Breccia Carsica
Marmoker Series
Manhattan MB Queens
Casagrande Padana Manhattan Series
Onici Amb Onice Avorio Dett
Onici Series
Paragone Amb Grigio Aitos
Pietre Di Paragone Series
Pietre Sardegna Amb Porto Rotondo
Pietre Di Sardegna Series
Amazzonia Dragon Green
Amazzonia Series

New Product Collections

ProSpec, LLC® represents world class manufacturers of interior and exterior finishes for the project design, specification, and construction communities.

ProSpec, LLC® has earned the reputation for supplying products on time and within budget for the largest commercial and residential projects in the New York, New England Area, and throughout North America for over 20 years.

We offer the technical representation and complete warranted solutions for the below materials and installation systems:

  • Concrete preparation: patching, leveling
  • Moisture mitigation, waterproofing, sound abatement and crack isolation materials
  • Tile, Stone and Flooring Installation Systems
  • Porcelain tile and porcelain stone slabs
  • Specialty tile and system applications for pools, spas and health clubs
  • Epoxy Terrazzo flooring systems
  • Precast Terrazzo
  • Quartz Engineered slabs and counter tops
  • Acrylic solid surfacing counter tops
  • Porcelain slab Counter tops
  • Engineered wood
  • Exterior Rain Screen Systems: Terracotta | Tile | Stone | Brick

Many of our long-term customers consider us not just a supplier, but a valued Solutions Provider.

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