The American Kennel Club / Museum of the Dog

ProSpec, LLC

Provided Master Terrazzo Technologies (MTT) epoxy resin terrazzo flooring


Gensler, NYC


Structure Tone


ZONCA Terrazzo and Mosaic, LLC


February 2019


10,000 square feet of 5/8” Thick Venetian Epoxy Terrazzo
39 Precast Terrazzo Treads w/ poured-in-place landings
Job had an average of ¼” epoxy fill to flatten the substrate


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Gensler’s distinctive design presents AKC’s extensive (possibly the world’s largest) canine art collection in a modern, interactive and engaging environment. Through this reinvented venue the Museum of the Dog’s new, NYC Headquarters embodies the organization’s mission of sharing the love of dogs with visitors of all ages.
Venetian style, large aggregate terrazzo is suddenly in very high demand! This terrazzo style terrazzo has been popular for centuries in Venice and other areas of Northern Italy, but until recent decades the system usually featured a cementitious binder. We are now dealing with a highly evolved product, featuring a unique combination of large marble aggregate, and our modern VOC-free, Morricite ® resinous binder system. In short, this is a Morricite Venetian terrazzo system. The system is poured in place, then ground and polished to a smooth finish; it is seamless and monolithic, offering all of the benefits commonly associated with thin-set resinous terrazzo systems including durability, longevity, ease of maintenance, design flexibility, and opportunity to incorporate recycled content.
While thin-set resinous terrazzo systems have traditionally been offered at a nominal 3/8″ thickness, the modern resinous Venetian terrazzo system is somewhat thicker

(often 1/2″ to 5/8″), in order to accommodate the larger marble chip, which provides the distinctive look.

Recent installations in Manhattan include the American Kennel Club Museum of the Dog, featuring over 180 pieces of dog themed artwork and interactive digital exhibits, which just opened in February 2019. The Morricite Venetian system is comprised of a white Morricite resinous binder, combined with several colors and sizes of white and gray marble, and is a nominal 5/8″ thick.
Master Terrazzo Technologies, in cooperation with local representatives from the ProTerrazzo group of Mt. Vernon, NY, assisted on initial terrazzo designs with Gensler’s New York City office. The project includes approximately 10,000 sq. ft. of terrazzo and a terrazzo staircase featuring 39 precast terrazzo treads and terrazzo landings.

In addition to the surge of Venetian terrazzo we are seeing both in New York City, and around the country, Palladiana terrazzo, has also been modernized utilizing the Morricite binder and a thin-set profile. Look for upcoming posts on Palladiana, another unique and classic terrazzo look!

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