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Hudson Square Lobby

Address: 225 Varick Street, NYC
Type of project: Terrazzo
Architect: Architecture Plus Information (A+I)
Owner: Hines Development Corp
GC: JRM Construction
Subcontractor: Yorie Tile & Terrazzo, Inc.
Products Used: Palladiana Thinset Epoxy Terrazzo
Completed: 2019
Website: https://www.ntma.com/hudson-square-lobby/

The beautiful Hudson Square Lobby at iconic 225 Varick Street features a one-of-a-kind Palladiana-style terrazzo floor that has already become a “viral” success online and has attracted further attention to the use of Palladiana terrazzo. The lobby is as a shared entrance for a number of dynamic new companies including Square Space, Shake Shack and Trinity Real Estate.

Due to scheduling constraints, all of the hand broken marble for the installation was fractured, mounted, and installed in numbered sheets (like pieces of a puzzle) off site, then transported and adhered to the substrate in an interlocking pattern. Venetian blend epoxy terrazzo was troweled around and between the pieces of fractured marble, and the entire floor was ground and polished as a monolithic whole.

This project is a memorable collaboration featuring Yorie Tile and Terrazzo’s timeless craftsmanship, A+I’s imaginative design innovation, the beauty of natural stone, and performance and versatility of Master Terrazzo’s thinset epoxy terrazzo system.


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